My hubby....with another of his creative work
....and look at where he did it....
Yes...he did it to all our plain and simple doors to our bedrooms.
Creative of him...don't you think? ^^

My Hubby's 1st project

My husband's first project on his part-time side income.
My husband loves carpentering...Lately, there seemed to be a flow of demand on food-stalls/carts...upon his retirement from his present employment from NSTP(New Straits Time press), he accepted a neighbor's request for a Satay-stall...hence, making my husband a happy man again with something to do during his idle time.....
... the owner(our neighbor) wanted the stall to be able to cover-up right after business...and my husband managed to make him one very happy customer...The food-stall or rather the push-cart is exactly like just what he wanted.


His 2nd project

This time there's a request for a Thai concept roof for the 'Ikan Bakar' stall or rather the 'Seafood Barbecue' stall from our second customer. My husband took a couple of months to complete the task, with the help from our boys on the paint job for the finishing touch. He made two flexible stalls that can be join or separate as the owner's likings. Two for the stove and the other to display the seafood stuffs.
I felt ever so sorry for my husband, looking at how stress he looked. The roof part was a real headache for him but eventually he managed beautifully at the end...that's a great relief for all of us....Thank GOD!(Alhamdullillah)
In the end, he managed to finish the job beautifully...
and making one more customer happy and grinning proudly.

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